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Mid Frequency Power Supply Proof of Concept


Proof of Concept Demonstration Units

Redkoh has designed and patented a fleet of "Demo Carts" to prove the significant performance improvements of the Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) technology. The Demo Cart is housed in a NEMA enclosure and is on wheels to allow it to be easily moved into place. Internal to the enclosure are all the components, pre-wired for the control of two conventional 60 Hz TRs. 

Demo units are typically available for 60-day loans. 

Site Preparation

  • Installation requires the use of 3-Phase Delta connected at 480 VAC 
  • Power Connections are made internal to the cabinet with wiring lugs capable of accepting up to 300 mcm cable 

  • The feed cable that runs from the existing SCR assembly and the associated return cable must be disconnected and re-routed to the Demo Unit 

  • The existing 60 Hz TR controller can be left in place complete with all wiring with the exception of the power feed to the TR

  • Plant DCS will still be able to monitor and collect all data  

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