Pollution Monitoring Equipment

RK3127 Process Particulate Monitor

Our RK3127 Process Particulate Monitor is designed to operate with our model 201LP triboelectric probe, or other compatible probes.

Process Particulate Monitor

Up to four (4) 201LP probes can be connected to each monitor. The Model 201LP monitor uses the Triboelectric principle to measure the electrical charge imparted by dust particles as they strike the probe. The charge picked up by the probe is converted to an electrical current, which is measured by the Process Particulate Monitor and is displayed in line graph form on a color LCD screen, along with peak and baseline threshold indicators.


Applications for the Process Particulate Monitor include but are definitely not limited to process control, dry solid levels, and environmental applications such as:
  • Bag house / fabric filter
  • Truck and rail off-loading
  • Packaging stations
  • Feeders
  • Cyclone separators
  • Storage silos
Using an array of probes on a bag house compartments and/or outlet ducts, the monitor is an excellent means of detecting and alarming for leaking or broken bags before an emissions exceedance is reached. The monitor can also aid in pinpointing where the bad bags are located.


The monitor can detect and display a particulate loading as small as .0005gr/dscf (1mg/m3).
There are five selectable sensitivity ranges to cover most requirements.

Ease of Installation

Just connect a 120 volt source and the three wires from each probe to an input terminal and the probe is installed. An internal 24 volt power supply feeds the probes.

triboelectric measurement

Typical Adjustment Screen


  • Field adjustable peak and baseline threshold alarm levels.
  • Adjustable baseline and peak integration time.
  • Color coded alarm summary screen with date and time stamping.
  • Adjustable graph range.

Measurement System

Operating Principle:
Power Supply:

Triboelectric Probe Input
120V AC
Down to 0.0005 gr/dscf (1 mg/m3)
Modbus RTU, Alarm Contacts


Ambient Operating Temp:
Enclosure Material:
Enclosure Rating:

0ºC to 50ºC
Fiberglass or Metal
NEMA 4 / IP66, other ratings availbale


Typical Monitor Cabinet Dimensions

process monitor drawings

Typical Probe Dimensions

dust probe drawings